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You can't work for Twitter, Elon Musk is different

Designers wear many hats, the first one being a moderator.

You don't want to work for Elon Musk. He is impulsive and a micromanager.

Mary Beth Brown worked for Elon Musk for 12 years as his personal assistant. She was his most loyal employee. She prepared his meals, set up his business appointments, arranged a time with his children, chose his clothes, and managed his media appearances. Her dedication to him made her one of the important people in Musk's inner circle.

In 2014, Mary Beth Brown asked for a raise. Instead of saying yes, Musk asked Brown to take a couple of weeks off so that he would realize the value of Brown's responsibilities (in her absence). Actually, Musk wanted to see if he could function without Mary Brown.

After two weeks, when Brown came to the office, Musk told her he didn't need her service anymore. According to Ashlee Vance, this horrible event struck people inside SpaceX and Tesla and confirmed the belief around Musk's cruel stoicism and lack of empathy.

The above example undoubtedly proves that Musk is a very demanding leader. However, given his goals' grandiosity and incredible achievements, that shouldn't surprise you. It also shouldn't surprise you that the man works more than 80 hours per week.

So, if you plan to work for Musk, be ready to work hard, be very efficient, be able to add tons of value, and risk your personal relationships.

Elon Musk requires his employees to work as hard.

Just four days after Tesla CEO Elon Musk took over Twitter, a Twitter employee shared a photo showing his boss, Esther Crawford, asleep on the office floor.

Crawford agrees with Elon Musk that doing hard things requires huge sacrifices. However, she believes that almost all employees at Twitter are working around the clock to bring something new to life.

If you agree with Musk's approach or not, his approach works. He is able to create great things because he is willing to do the work and sacrifice his life to obtain success.

That's why his first move at Twitter was to fire most of his employees. So, if you still think you can work for him, think again.